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The past year has seen several events that required a call to the Yakima County Sheriff's Department to request their assistance. Additionally, because of the fire danger, several fire department folks have paid a visit to our roads to scan for fires that may be coming over Cleman Mountain.

The smoke billowing from the other side of the mountain was actually from a fire that was approximately 10 miles away. Unfortunately, it looked as if it was just on the other side of Cleman. Two firefighters in separate cars were scoping the mountain to see if we were in any danger. It was nice to know that the fire department was looking out for the fire danger potentially threatening CROA. Nothing to worry about at this time, although there should be much more traffic, human and elk, in the Wenas Wildlife Area as hunting season opens. So far, so good.

A couple months ago, there were two unidentified vehicles running up and down our roads and Mr. Decker and I stopped them and then requested that they identify themselves and their reason for coming back into Conrad Ranch. Seems as though, there was a theft in Naches at "Dynamic Metals" where all of their tools were stolen along with the trailer that held all of the tools. We drove around with them and they were also taken for a tour of Point drive and beyond, but nothing was ever found of the trailer and the tools. Thankfully, the tools and trailer were recovered on Sheep Company Road at the individuals house that had stolen them. Two people were arrested and sent to prison with minimal sentences and as of this writing, have been released. According to the owner, law enforcement is still looking for "Mike and LeeAnn Cunningham". At least that is the report from the owner.

We have had two reports of incidents off Point Drive, the first one with shots fired and the second one a reported domestic issue. Accordingly, no arrests were made regarding these two issues.

There have been trespassers on several occasions, that stated they were visiting friends that lived on our roads, but they couldn't remember their names. They were racing motorcycles up and down our roads and thanks to a neighbor, who stopped them, we were able to get the license number of their truck and the Sheriff's Department followed up with a visit to a Naches home. I believe the Sheriff's deputy had a "come to Jesus meeting" with the trespasser and we haven't seen them since. An acceptable outcome.

Someone cut the newly installed Monson fence, but that person has not been identified, as of this writing. Monson has been very generous with CROA and assisted us with the road maintenance efforts provided by Pine Mountain Excavating. They have been truly good neighbors and don't deserve to have their fence cut. There was a rumor spread by someone that Monson drilled such deep wells that it made all of the wells go dry on Susanna road. That was preposterous and they never drilled any wells. Rumors like this do damage to our relationship with a really good neighbor.

Randy C., the owner of the property at the very end of Susanna and next to the elk fence, has had all of his no trespassing signs, shot and destroyed. He had posted the signs, also his phone number, in case anyone wanted to get permission to cross his property. No good deed goes unpunished. Anyway, I believe he will repost those signs with his phone number, so if you want to get in touch with him, please view the signs. I also have his phone number.

Speaking of another intruder, we are having a minor outbreak of Knap Weed alongside the elk fence and growing on certain portions of our roads. Sue Bird (noxious weed control) was called by one of our neighbors, to appear at our annual meeting and discuss the problem. She will be at our meeting on Saturday evening and she will be the first speaker to discuss this issue.

Thank you all for your cooperation and phone calls and for the growing number of folks that are willing to keep an " eye out" for the neighbors.

Ed Shoenbach