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CROA Block Watch Report
Submitted: July 29th, 2013
Current Members: Alison Quade, Bill and Charlene Halsey, Dale Mincel, Dick and
Arlene Lanz, Ed and Sue Baker, Mike and Mary Buttrey, Ron Decker, Steve Shepherd,
Tom and Carol Meier, Dr. Cynthia Suriano.
Activity from September annual meeting 2012 to upcoming annual meeting 2013.

During the annual meeting 2012, we were fortunate to to have Dr. Suriano,
volunteer for Block Watch.

Mr. Shepherd And I attended the regional meeting of Block Watch
coordinators and spoke to some of the other Block Watch organizations as
well as Lieutenant Winter, our liaison with the Yakima County Sheriff's
Department. We discussed what the sheriff's department could do for
CROA as well as some of the limitations of the sheriff's department enforcing
the law on private roads. We have enjoyed a very good working relationship
with the sheriff's department as well as the Block Watch coordinators, John
and Alana Oaks. We continue to be in touch with John and Alana and the
sheriffs department (complimenting them for their quick reaction when
called about intruders on the Memorial Day weekend).

We had scoundrel thieves steal the road signs for Conrad Ranch Road and
Point Drive. Dick and Arlene Lanz were gracious enough to construct a sign
for Conrad Ranch Road. This was later replaced by Jerry Gorski, our local
sign maker because we had already made arrangements with him to
construct the sign. No offense to Dick and Arlene, they did the community a

Report of speeding on Point Drive by children from near the top of the hill. I
contacted a friend of the family and asked her to talk to them about more
restrictive parenting practices. Also, I believe the license numbers of the
speeding cars were shared by John and Alana with the sheriffs department.
I'm not sure that either of these interventions slowed the ne'er-do-wells from
their mission to make Point Drive more dangerous. I well try to get an
update on that behavior.

It seems as though Yakima Waste has policies that encourage "Efficiency" or
speeding by their drivers attempting to hold onto their jobs during this
depressed economy. A neighbor reported them as driving way too fast and
well beyond our posted speed limits. I called Yakima Waste, talked to
Meghan and she assured me that the drivers would observe our posted speed
limits. The following week, our alert and ever watchful neighbor reported
them as compliant with our request.

I stopped a speeding teenager coming off Longmire Road and barely making
the corner onto Conrad Road. Our conversation finally turned civil and the
young man seemed to understand the importance of not killing anyone or.
God forbid, a dog or horse. Maybe even a cat. I will also propose a different
strategy regarding our young folks in the recommendation section.

There have been many incidents involving people, up to no good, accessing
our back roads by coming from Naches-Wenas Road and continuing on
using Weinberger Road. When we had folks back in there with guns, they
escaped by using Weinberger before the three deputies in separate cars could
arrest them. I spoke to the Monson representative overseer and they are
building a fence around their property which should prevent trespassers
from accessing Weinberger as an entrance to Susanna and beyond. The
representative also assured me that they purchase their "Entire" water
supply for irrigation from the Irrigation District reservoir. Reports of wells
drying up must be due to other circumstances. The Monson company have
been good neighbors and are actually in concert with us, in preventing a
motorcycle park from ever developing.

Surveillance continues on our roads by the Oaks family (from an impressive
vehicle that is marked), Gary Lease and family in his impressive four-wheel
drive truck, myself and other neighbors that are either cruising or
investigating intruders.

Our newest resident who purchased the property near the Elk fence had four
planted trees and fence posts stolen. He did report the theft to the sheriffs
department but they felt there was little they could do because the property
wasn't secured.

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