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Unfortunately, most of our illegal activity occurs during hunting season with hunters attempting
to access our contiguous side of the Wenas wildlife area. Ron Decker and myself exited several
people that had no business back in here other than "we've hunted this area for years". Even
though they were loaded with guns and expressed their displeasure with being asked to leave,
it was fairly peaceable as they drove away.
We did experience several disturbances at the very end of Austin spur road; a pickup truck with
several people driving around the Wenas wildlife area, got lost and late at night rammed the
gate that was there to escape, supposedly they were running out of gas. They did call, without
identifying themselves, the Washington Division of Fish and Wildlife and reported gate damage.
Although, none of our residents were involved in the damage to the gate, WDFW decided to
remove two gates that up until 2004, we could go through with our horses or gear and access
the Wenas
. Although I requested, under the freedom of information act, the person or persons
that made that decision, it was never clear that it was a Department decision. Following that,
someone or a group decided to cut the fence to gain access. To make a long story short, I did
contact the County prosecutor's office and discovered that WDFW does not have permission to
use our private roads. I also received a letter from the Governor's office after complain
about denying access to us, that they agreed that private property owners should not have
private access for recreational purposes. The thinking being that if the entire public of the state
of Washington can't get here, then the private property owners should not be allowed to
access the public lands that their taxes and discovery pass revenue support. As it stands right
now, they have been ordered not to use our private roads again. A group of us met with their
representatives and they talked about ways to get access but it always involved allowing the
public in to use our private roads. I don't believe we want the public back in here willy-nilly and
only by invitation by a resident or folks doing business back in here. More to come.
Probably the most Significant incident, was the sighting of a cougar (a real one) in the backyard
of Ed and Sue Baker. Although cougars are very pretty to look at, they do present a danger
whenever they are in populated areas such as the Conrad ranch complex. We had two people
associated with block watch that had permits to shoot said cougar. He was not sighted again
and probably returned to the Wenas wildlife area. I had no reports of pets or small children
disappearing from their owners or parents.
We continue to add block watch members and hopefully people will report trespassers so that
we can keep up our little private paradise free of intruders. The Monson fru
it company built a
fence and gated Weinberger road. Many of our intruders came in from Naches - Wenas road
and then entered through the back way using Weinberger. The gate should be stopping traffic
and make the area much safer. If you have questions or would like to join block watch please
contact me here or go to the Contact Us page through the link above.

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