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RCW 64. 38 (4) Institute, defend, or intervene in litigation or administrative proceedings in its own name on behalf of itself or two or more owners on matters affecting the homeowners' association, but not on behalf of owners involved in disputes that are not the responsibility of the association;


An emergency meeting was called by the CROA board following an incident of a box of screws was dumped at the driveway entrance of a board member. This cowardly act will be investigated and we are very hopeful that someone will come forward and identify the coward or cowards that committed this intimidating act. Under RCW 64.38, the board members have every right to legally and criminally pursue those individuals that thought it would be a good idea to commit this "intimidating" act toward the "voluntary" members of the board. It is beyond comprehension why some "petty aspiring criminals" would commit such an act against the folks that volunteer their time and expertise to improve the roads and make the Conrad Ranch Complex a safer place to live. Once people are not held accountable for vandalism, your home, your pets and your children may be next. Please contact me (Ed Shoenbach) through the website, through my email address or by phone, if you have any information that will unmask the individuals responsible.

There is also mounting concern over the garbage and beer cans being thrown on our roads multiple times, especially on Wenas View and Conrad Road where it meets Wenas View. We will probably be forced to have another "cleanup day" soon, because of these individuals that have no respect for anybody and the property that we all have poured our personal finances into owning. Our other concern, is that this gives beer drinkers a bad name. Very unfortunate. More to come on the date for trash removal.

You may have noticed that the road sign for Conrad Ranch has been missing, again, and unfortunately, stolen by someone. We will need to replace that sign so that emergency vehicles can find individuals that may have called for emergency assistance. Finally, we are in the process of working with the Sheriff's Department to implement "speed enforcement" and plan on informing all of our residents, by letter, of the speed limits and the planned enforcement by the Sheriff's Department. Additionally, we will need to post the speed limit of 20 mph at the entrance of Conrad and other strategic points. Speeding is a factor in road deterioration and definitely, a safety factor that needs to be considered by all of us.

Thank you the CROA Board of volunteers.